Indians outsourcing daily tasks as employing in-house staff becomes costly

Upraisal Errand service: – ‘as long as it’s not illegal or immoral, we’ll do it’

Errands are low value but very are very important , Now you can outsource your daily running around to one of our professional taskers who would take care of your miscellaneous tasks or jobs. Upraisal offers its customers cheap but reliable errands service so that you can outsource your daily chores and focus things that are more important to you.

If you need someone to pay your bills pick  up your shopping, take an elderly relative to the hospital or deliver  presents to your girlfriend on her birthday ?

These are just some of the type of requests that we can do for you. Upraisal errands is one of Mumbai’s best errand services offering cheap but reliably service to its customers in Mumbai from simple to complicated tasks our taskers can help you manage your to do list.

Here is a look at the different types of deliveries that we manage for customers in Mumbai , Thane, Badlapur area.

Deliveries made easy – Get things done easily, reliably and quickly.

Book a Task – Today:-

Gift Delivery

Invitation Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Cake delivery

Medicine and Report delivery

Document Delivery

Parcel Delivery

Ticket Delivery

Food Delivery

Bouquet Delivery

Bill payment

Cheque pickup

Bulk delivery

Senior Citizen services

Corporate Errand services

And a lot more as per individual requirement.

Our Charges:-

      Pre-booked Task

  • 1 day advance notice
  • Rs. 100 per errand
  • Inclusive of public transport

      Same-day Task

  • Execution on the same day
  • 150 per errand
  • Inclusive of public transport

       Express Task

  • Execution within 2 hours
  • 250 per errand
  • Inclusive of public transport

Executive for Hire

Hire an executive

3 hours at Rs 400

9 hours at Rs 1400

We’re big on trust & safety.

Taskers go through an extensive vetting process before they can join our community:

Identity check

Criminal record check

In-person interview

Training session

Terms and Conditions

  • Cancellation Fee: Rs 100(Any last minute cancellations will be charged).
  • Waiting Fee: Rs 100 (Per half an hour).
  • Excess Baggage Fee: Rs 100 (For multiple bags or items weighing more than 5kg).
  • Cash-on-Delivery Fee: Rs 100
  • Cash-on-Delivery received during any task will be delivered back to the client on the same day.
  • Use of any other mode of transport (rickshaw/taxi/metro) will be used in the following conditions and will be charged to the client directly,
    – Non-availability of transport
    – Carrying heavy bags (itmes weighing more than 5 kgs)
    – Cakes more than 1.5kg
    – Expensive/fragile items
  • * Clients will be informed explicitly before we take any mode of transport other than Bus & Train.
  • For bulk request please send us an email on

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